5 Ways To Use CBD For Horses

When it comes to equine health, one acronym comes up again and again: CBD. Although you might have heard that there are many health benefits of CBD for horses, it’s not always easy to know how to use CBD for horses. 

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is naturally found in hemp. CBD is extracted from the plant and then used to create oils, pills, edibles, capsules — and even CBD horse treats

CBD is most popularly used by people who want to support or enhance their health, but many vets and animal lovers find that it helps dogs, cats, and horses. Here are five ways to use CBD on your horse.

1. Before a ride

Many people use CBD before exercising, claiming it provides them with a calm state of mind. It’s ideal for addressing stiffness, performance anxiety, and discomfort in joints and muscles. 

Your horse can benefit from this pre-workout favorite, too! Many people swear by giving their horses a dose of CBD before a ride. Ideally, give your horse CBD an hour before you head off.

2. At bedtime

Since many humans use CBD to give them a calm, relaxed state-of-mind, it’s no wonder why CBD is currently being praised as a healthful night-cap. Many people claim using CBD before bed helps them sleep better.

While there is little research on horse insomnia and CBD, you might want to give your horse a dose when it’s time for them to wind down and relax. 

3. During stressful events

Many people use CBD to relax and calm down during times of stress. Horse owners have reported using CBD on high-strung, anxious horses, especially during stressful events like a relocation. It might also be a good idea to give your horse CBD if they’re anxious after a traumatic experience.

4. When facing health issues

As The Horse reports, studies have suggested that CBD might have a range of uses for horses. However,there’s a lot that hasn’t been researched. Hopefully, future research will clarify the exact health benefits of CBD for horses.

For now, though, owners often give CBD to horses that are dealing with pain, inflammation, and digestive issues. A 2021 study demonstrated that CBD has anti-inflammatory affects on horses. Many people also give CBD to horses with arthritis, Cushing’s disease, and old age.

CBD-enriched topicals, like balms and salves, can be directly applied to areas in need of some TLC. Alternatively, add some CBD granules to their food.

5. On a daily basis

Many people take CBD on a daily basis to support their overall health and wellness. Your horse can get in on that, too — simply give them CBD on a daily basis.

Although many simple CBD tinctures are safe for horses, they’ll need a much bigger dosage than us humans. Our Hemp Horse Granules contain 12000mg of CBD — 200mg per scoop — which is perfect for adding to your friend’s food. 

Hemp-derived CBD products, like ours, are legal to buy, sell, and use across the United States.


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